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1) What is the Foundation?
The Listowel Memorial Hospital  Foundation is a not-for-profit registered charitable foundation that was incorporated in 1989. The Foundation was established to raise funds on behalf of the Listowel Memorial Hospital.   All funds raised by the Foundation go towards providing our community with the best possible healthcare close to home.
2) Where is the Foundation located and what are its hours of operation?
The Foundation office is located on lower Level  of the hospital beside the cafeteria.  The Foundation Office hours are 8:30 am to 2:30 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
3) What specifically does the foundation fund?
The Listowel Memorial Hospital Foundation is the fundraising arm for the Listowel Memorial Hospital.   It is committed to raising funds for Hospital equipment and education programs that will benefit our professionals, as well as the community and surrounding areas.
4) How are funds raised?
Funds are raised through direct mail appeals, major gift solicitations, special events, and grants. A series of fundraising events are held throughout the year to raise funds for hospital equipment. We are very grateful to have the support of our community; countless support from individuals, businesses, services clubs, churches, and other organizations provide majority of our funding. Donations are made in various forms, for examples, in memoriam, in honor, grateful patients, legacy, and estate donations. Thanks you once again for the generous support of all those who have contributed to the Listowel Memorial Hospital Foundation.
5) Does the foundation decide which projects receive funding?
No. The Foundation does not make these decisions. Each year, the Foundation receives a list of priority programs and equipment needs from the Listowel Memorial Hospital. The Hospital conducts a very extensive capital planning process involving our healthcare professionals and key stakeholders who prioritize equipment needs for the Listowel site Hospital each year. The prioritized list is reviewed with the Foundation and projects are chosen from range of departments within the hospital.
6) I pay taxes - is the work of the Foundation necessary?
Yes. The Foundation is necessary. Government funding is not sufficient to provide all the require equipment, technology, services and programs. The full cost of equipment has always been the responsibility of the Hospital. The funds must come from the people who use the services of the local healthcare system and the Foundation is here to facilitate that giving, purchasing of new equipment/technology, replacing existing equipment, and helping to fund programs. We strive to provide out healthcare professionals with the most up-to-date and highest quality equipment to diagnose and treat all the patients at the Walkerton site Hospital.
7) Does the Foundation issue charitable tax receipts?
Yes. The Listowel Memorial Hospital Foundation is a registered charity. Our registration number is 868717 RR0001. Tax receipts are issued accordingly for every donation received by the Foundation.
8) How are contributions recognized?
The Listowel Memorial Hospital Foundation is extremely grateful for our community and all our supporters. We are forever indebted to those who have had such an impact on our community. Contributions to the Foundation are recognized accordingly. The Donor Recognition Program offers donors an opportunity to honor themselves or a name of a loved one. The Foundation offers recognition to all its donors. Recognition is based on the level of the gift.
9) Which credit cards does the foundation accept?
Payments to the Listowel Memorial Hospital Foundation can be made using Visa or Mastercard.
10) Does the Foundation sell or give my name to other organizations?
No. The foundation respects the rights and privacy of its donors. The personal information that you provide the Foundation is used solely to process your donation, maintain records of all contributions and keep you informed of the latest news and fundraising initiatives by sending annual reports, newsletters, etc.
11) How do I remove or how do I add my name to the mailing list?
To remove or add your name to the Listowel Memorial Hospital Foundation's mailing list, please contact the Foundation Office at 519-291-3125 ext.#6224
12) How can our company or community donate funds or organize an event?
The Foundation welcomes companies or community organizations who want to host events - such as golf tournaments to raise money on behalf of the Foundation. Please contact Mich Matheson, Administrative Assistant,  Foundation at 519-291-3125 ext 6224 for more details.
13) how can I arrange to have guests makes a donation to the Foundation in lieu of gifts to commemorate a special occasion?
Donations in your honor are strongly welcomed.
14) If I make a memorial or tribute gift, will the Foundation send a card to the bereaved family or person being honoured?
Yes. The donor will receive a thank you and a tax-receipt. If you wish, a card will be sent to the family or person being honoured.

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