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Foxton Fuels and Petro Supports Healthcare

Owners of Foxton Fuels, Mark Foxton and Lisa Hearnden, have donated $2,000 each to the Hospital Foundations in Wingham, Walkerton, Listowel and Mt. Forest to help fund the current medical equipment needs at the Hospital.

               Foxton Fuels is making these donations in partnership with Petro Canada’s Live By The Leaf community investment program. Foxton and Hearnden have been long-time supporters of local healthcare both as volunteer leaders and generous donors. Directing these dollars to the hospitals serving the same communities they serve is a natural fit. Foxton said, “With the importance of healthcare being so top of mind for everyone these days when the opportunity arose to make this donation we knew supporting the hospitals was what we wanted to do”.

             The funds will go towards vital medical equipment at each hospital.  Listowel is raising funds for a pharmacy system upgrade, Mt. Forest’s Louise Marshall Hospital Foundation will put the funds towards lab equipment upgrades,   Walkerton’s portion of the donation will benefit an anesthetic machine and Wingham will put the donation towards a cautery machine for the OR.

             A big thank you is extended from all the Hospital Foundations to Foxton Fuels for their continued generosity and support of local healthcare.


L-R, Mark Foxton, Lisa Hearnden, LMHF, Mich Matheson

May 2022
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