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LMH Physician Dr. Elizabeth Seary

"Almost 1 year ago my family and I arrived in Listowel; I was covering a maternity leave for one of my colleagues. The plan was to temporarily relocate, as we searched for a place that we wanted to stay permanently. I was blown away by the this community. There is a generosity of spirit here that resonated with my husband and me, which made us decide to put down roots and I joined the family health team. You can see the generosity as you walk through the fantastic facilities within the hospital, that are only possible because of donations made by individuals and businesses.


Right now we are seeing that transformation in new lab space, that will be renovated over the next year and will   allow our fantastic lab personnel to continue to perform their work, which is so essential to the patient care we provide day to day. The community mindedness is reflected in the collegiality among my co-workers, who make me smile and laugh on a daily basis and help make going to work every day a pleasure. Is is apparent in the interactions between all the staff and patients, from the kitchen to the emergency room. The kind and thoughtful welcome that I have received from patients and the community at large has been overwhelming. I feel truly blessed to be able to call Listowel home and to be able to work here every day. 


 It is a remarkable place and it is the people that make it so. Thank you."


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June 2022
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