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Laboratory Renovation at LMH, Fall 2019

The clinical Laboratory is a core component of the diagnostic services available at LMH functioning 24/7, 365 days a year.  Laboratory testing plays an essential part in the delivery of quality healthcare.  A Physician or other clinician orders lab tests to diagnose, treat, manage or monitor a patient’s condition.  Although our lab analysis equipment is replaced every 7-10 years, the laboratory space has not been  reorganized or improved in at least 50 years.  Although the complete budget for this project is not finalized, including all new HVAC equipment, we will be spending in excess of $750,000. 


Despite the low profile and relative inconspicuous nature of our lab, it performs close to 200,000 tests per year, requiring specialized equipment and skilled technologists.

When complete, this will be one of the most state of the art labs in rural Ontario and has already been chosen by the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science to be featured in a video about rural laboratories.


L-R-Lab staff, Wanda Kuepfer, Camerra Yuill Robar, Diane Caron-McNamara and LDSS student Owen Lock


L-R– LMH Lab staff, Diane Caron-McNamara, Camerra Yuill Robar and Wanda Kuepfer




June 2022
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