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A Birthday Gift from Kylie Russell, July 2019

Listowel Memorial Hospital Foundation had a very generous donation from a young donor!  Kylie Russell from Listowel received birthday money for her 8th birthday and decided she didn’t need any more toys or anything else with that money.  Kylie asked her mom Candice if she would drive her to the Listowel Memorial Hospital to give them the money to buy equipment for the hospital.


Kylie’s little sister Alexa had been in and out of Emerg at LMH recently as she wasn’t feeling well.  LMH’s Dr. Terry Suggitt was caring for Alexa and had done blood work at LMH trying to get to the bottom of the problem. 


Kylie’s generous birthday donation will go towards the ‘Lab Renovation’ at LMH.  The Foundation thanks Kylie for thinking of her local hospital.  Drs. Elizabeth Seary and Anthony Davies were working in Emerg when Kylie brought in her donation and thanked her for being a young supporter of the hospital!

Kylie Russell


Picture L-R, Dr. Anthony Davies, Rhonda Ernest (Switchboard), Alexa & Kylie Russell and Dr. Elizabeth Seary

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