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Listowel Baptitst Church Gives Back, Spring 2019

Listowel Baptist Church collected record proceeds at their annual May long weekend garage sale. Throughout the previous year slightly used goods from individuals, businesses, estates and those just downsizing were collected and processed by volunteers.  Good weather during the sale allowed large numbers to find their favorite bargains and the proceeds are now being used to help others here in Listowel and around the globe.


Funds will be used to help children living in the red-light district of Cochabamba, Bolivia to break from the multi-generational cycle of prostitution.  More funds will be used for a ministry in South Africa.  


Debbie Loree, chair of the Garage Sale Committee said, “we live in a great community and we want to show this community we care about it.” Listowel Memorial Hospital  Foundation will use their donation of $5,000 for improvements to the hospital lab”. Library received enough to purchase an Automated External Debrillator (AED).  The Committee has started processing storing treasures for nest year's sale.