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Donation made on behalf of Mia Rumph

Palliative Care Sunroom renovation of Furniture, TV and paint donated by Family and Friends of 'Mia Rumph'


“In Memory of Mia Rumph- Mia, our mom, spent the last several weeks of her cancer battle in the palliative care suite of the LMH.  We will forever by thankful for the care and compassion that was shown to her in her final days.  She spoke so highly of all the hospital team members, from the doctors and her amazing nurses, to the friendly and compassionate cleaning, nutritional services, and maintenance folks.


Our entire family was so thankful for the space the sunroom provided us as we visited Mom.  As a large family, it allowed us the fellowship we craved with Mom and each other,  and were thankful for this space in Mom’s final hours to sit with her and say our goodbyes.  Thank you to all who donated in Mom’s memory, and LMHF for helping us turn Mom’s final wish in making this room comforting and so welcoming-we are touched that this space resembles so much of her spirit.”




May 2022
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