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L.H.Gray/Gray Ridge Eggs Farm Donation

Isolation room renovation on 2nd Floor at LMH -  Isolation rooms are important to hospitals to protect patients along with our staff and visitors. The new isolation room has the ability to create both positive and negative pressure. Positive pressure would be used to protect patients with compromised immune systems from the any potential infectious elements such as the common cold or flu that may present in the general air supply. Negative pressure is used to isolate the patient from the rest of the hospital in order to protect other patients, staff and visitors from disease such as tuberculosis potentially carried by the isolated patient. All air from a negative pressurized room is filtered and expelled from the room. L. H. Gray/Gray Ridge Egg Farms provided a large donation that enabled the creation of this space.


The construction project to create an isolation room also provided the LMH the opportunity to develop 3 accessible washrooms on the inpatient floor. This improves our ability to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs within the older sections of the building. Trillium Mutual Insurance provided financial support to improve accessibility within the LMH. 


The LMH Foundation sincerely thanks both donors for making this a reality! 


PICTURE L-R, Bill Gray, President & CEO and Scott Brookshaw, Executive Vice President, L.H. Gray & Son Limited.


May 2022
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