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LMH Physician, Dr. Arif Qureshi

There have been many changes at the LMH since I started here 24 1/2 years ago.  Most striking was the move from the original Emergency Room, which was cozy and collegial, but quite small in retrospect  to the current department.  We are in the process of planning the addition of another one or two rooms in order to help with patient flow and wait times.  The recent addition of the CT scanner has been a wonderful development and brings us into the 21st century in terms of Emergency Room practice.  Staff are still being trained, however soon we will have 24-hour access to our own scanner, which is the very latest in technology and provides low dose scans, from what I understand.  This is quite exciting. 

Our hospital continues to see increased utilization from the surrounding population, especially as our town is growing.  This will continue to provide challenges.  All in all, the town of Listowel and the LMH specifically, have been a wonderful location in which to practice, and we are all hopeful that we will be able to attract some new medical talent in the coming years.



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Dr. Arif Qureshi

May 2022
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