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LMH Gets 2 New Doctors!

We are delighted to announce Dr. Derek Gateman and Dr. Melissa (Lisa) Trojnar have recently advised of their decisions to commence full-time practice in Listowel starting in September 2016.   


Dr. Trojnar will be providing ER and Anesthesia services at Listowel   Memorial Hospital and may add primary care services at a later date.  Dr. Gateman will be focussing his family medicine practice on Primary and  In-Patient care. The details and timing for transition into family practice are complex and will be worked out over the next few weeks.     


Both Dr. Gateman and Dr. Trojnar are recent graduates of the McMaster Family Medicine Residency program in Brantford and Dr. Trojnar has recently completed an additional year of training in Anesthesia at Queens University.    They intend to relocate to North Perth in the coming months.


Please welcome Dr. Gateman and Dr. Trojnar to the North Perth /  Listowel team !      

 Kim Kowch, Health Recruiter

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