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Addition of a CT Scanner to LMH

The addition of a CT Scanner to LWHA’s Listowel site is a milestone for our communities.  The CT, or computerized tomography, takes x-ray pictures through 360 degrees around a patient’s body.  The information is then processed by computers and transformed into a  series of images showing cross sectional ‘slices’ of the part of the body being scanned.  CT Scanning is fast, painless, non-invasive and accurate.


Typically the unit is used for patients with a wide range of medical or surgical conditions and is a vital tool in   diagnosing patients with suspected cancers as well as those with serious head injuries,  thoracic or  abdominal problems.  It is also vital for diagnosing strokes, organ function and cardiovascular disease. 

In recent years, advancements to CT technology have exploded.   New equipment now has significantly lower radiation doses and allows for 3D visualization of any body part.    Physicians are now able to image and diagnose abnormalities in the heart and colon with accuracy.


Help us ensure that our hospital is equipped with the latest generation of diagnostic imaging tools. 

This new CT technology will allow our staff to better work with and analyze images of internal organs and other parts of the body which will provide enhanced information to diagnose and treat patients. 


Having CT technology  available locally to the residents of North Perth and Huron will reduce long-distance travel for the sickest of patients.


Cancer patients no longer need to travel far from home to obtain the necessary imaging for treatment.


Acquiring a CT will ensure our trauma or  accident  victims have the equipment necessary to diagnose the extent and type of their injuries. New physicians will want to work in our community because we have the best tools available for them.


A CT scanner in our local hospital will help to save lives.  What better reason do you need?

LMH Diagnostic Imaging Manager, Maureen Hengeveld







May 2022
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