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New Instrument Washers for OR Rooms

Summer 2016- After 2 weeks of closure of the OR and MDR departments at LMH this summer,  the 2 new washers are now installed and  functioning.


By implementing facility improvements and new equipment in our Operating Room,  we will be able to provide the best possible care to the people we serve. 


The old instrument washer had seen its share of dirty instruments. Replacement parts were no longer made for this model.   By replacing the old instrument washer with 2 new smaller,  improved ones,  we have increased our capacity. It will allow us to have a washer available for instruments that need to be done right away and eliminate the risk associated with having only one washer. When one washer is down for preventative maintenance or repair we will always have the other washer available allowing daily operations to carry on without delay.


The 2 new OR washers installed at LMH were supported by the LMHF Spring Gala 2015 event.

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