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LMH gets approval for CT Scanner, January 2016

The approval of a CT scanner for the Listowel Memorial Hospital in January 2016 is a reason to celebrate!


According to LWHA CEO Karl Ellis, without a CT scanner at Listowel or Wingham, patients have been transferred to Walkerton and possibly to other hospitals in Kitchener, Stratford or London for assessment.   Ellis also stated that the money saved from not sending patients to other hospitals for CT scanning is not only a benefit, it is a requirement. The approval was provided with no additional operating or capital funding meaning that it must be operated within existing resources and purchased with funds raised locally. The purchase cost of the CT scanner and the required renovations at LMH is budgeted at $2 million dollars. The target to have new equipment in place is 12-15 months


LMH Diagnostic Imaging Manager Maureen Hengeveld says CT planning is underway at LMH!!  The CT Team has been selected and a project team will begin meeting in April –May 2016 to start developing a plan.  Preliminary drawings and estimated construction costs have been received and will assist the team as they move forward.  Maureen said CT technology has had some ground breaking innovations recently and LWHA is excited to be in the  position to be one of the first in our area to purchase a scanner with these new capabilities.  Improved image quality and reduced radiation dose are important factors which will be addressed in this purchase.

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