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LMH Physician, Dr. Gillian Edmonds

As you can see, Chris Kurz (male patient in picture on the right) is not quite finished his work in supporting our local physicians in our effort to become fully certified in Emergency Department Ultrasound.  Here he is donating his time in order to help us complete our training.  Each physician needs to complete 200 ultrasound scans (50 in each of 4 areas– heart, aorta, abdomen and uterus), as well as complete a series of  written and practical exams, in order to be fully qualified.


Dr. Miriam Mann started the process by training Dr. Greg Antoniadis and myself.  We in turn have now trained Dr. Barb Matthews and Dr. Rob Annis.  They will train the next two, and so on, and so on, and so on, until we are all qualified.


We would like to thank all the volunteers who have already let us scan them.  We still have lots more work to do, so we hope you will continue to help us until the whole medical staff is qualified in this life saving skill. 

Chris Kurz fundraiser, pics new portable ultrasound machine 003.jpg

June 2022
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