Current Needs List 2021

The Listowel Memorial Hospital has passed a capital budget from 2020/2021  which includes all equipment and building expenditures. Various capital purchases required are:
Mammography Unit- $560,000

Goal to replace the Mammography unit at LMH. The Breast Imaging program at LMH   provides breast imaging care with over 4000 exams to our community including 1700 screening exams, 1000 Tomosynthesis and 300 ultrasound guided biopsies.

• Digital mammography is the standard of care for early breast cancer detection.

• New technology offers lower doses of radiation and higher resolution imaging.

Despite all the advantages that have been gained in the past years with digital                mammography, there are still some limitations. It has been documented that around 22% of malignant lesions, especially in dense breasts, are missed today.  There are two improved techniques/software which have proven to decrease these statistics today.

• Tomosynthesis imaging has reduced callbacks and enhanced the quality of care we     provide.  Tomosynthesis- is a technique and software enhancement which produces layers of images 1mm at a time. 

1mm at a time, Contrast Enhanced Mammography- is a new and improved technique that has been shown to be a benefit to patient outcomes. Historically, following an ambiguous mammogram and ultrasound, the patient would by sent for an MRI. This is not ideal due to costs, and waitlists.  Information, LMH, DI Manager-Maureen Hengeveld

Other capital items-

Crash cart-end of life, broken, no replacement parts- $4,000

Low Bed-$9,000

Gyne Light- $5,500

Stress Test Machine- $40,000
Plus other items

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