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Chris Kurz Fundraiser supports Portable Ultrasound Machine for ER

On Saturday, March 21. 2015 Chris Kurz successfully pulled a Olympia ice resurfacer 1.4 kilometers thru the Paddyfest parade.
Chris had challenged the North Perth Fire Department to pull a fire truck thru the parade also (9 firemen did just so). Both Chris and the fire department ended at the LMH emerge parking lot. The Fire Fighters also held their own event at Crabby Joes in Listowel to donate a large sum to Chris's fundraiser!
This successful fundraiser has raised over $18,521.21 to purchase a Portable Utrasound machine for Emerge at LMH.  Chris's inital goal was to fundraise $15,000 once he surpassed this awesome goal the doctors at LMH picked out a more in depth Portable Ultrasound Machine.  The cost for the new Portable Ultrasound machine was over $48,000.  The LMHF paid for the balance of the new machine picked out.  
The doctors at LMH are currently in the process of getting their required practice hours on staff in to support using this remarkable machine. 
Thank you so much Chris for a very successful fundraiser!
Dr. Rob Annis said many other Canadian Hospitals have added this technology, and the support to finally bring it here is appreciated.  Dr. Annis said the physician "scans" the patient, looking for life threatening but treatable conditions, like an aneurysm, or an ectopic pregancy- things that shouldn't wait for an ultrasound booked at a later date.
Below pictures are of Chris Kurz's fundraiser through the Paddyfest parade and of Drs. Gill Edmonds and Greg Antoniadis practicing using the new Portable Ultrasound Machine in ER on Chris Kurz.
Chris Kurz fundraiser, March 2015 parad 002.jpg
Chris Kurz fundraiser, March 2015 parad 001.jpg
Chris Kurz fundraiser, March 2015 parad 021.jpg
Chris Kurz fundraiser, pics new portable ultrasound machine 011.jpg
Chris Kurz fundraiser, pics new portable ultrasound machine 003.jpg

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