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Donation to renovate First Floor Continuing Care Unit

Renovations to the bathroom in the first floor Complex Continuing Care Unit included the installation of a new tub with features that increase the patient’s comfort and safety both in getting in and out of the tub as well as during the bath. The new tub replaces an aging tub that could no longer be repaired.
A wheelchair-accessible shower was also added which allows a safe experience for a wheelchair patient who prefers to shower or cannot have a tub bath. For those who can wash without the aid of staff, the accessible shower allows individuals to maintain a sense of dignity and independence.
The shower floor gently slopes to allow water to drain properly without needing the usual step over barrier that increases risk of falls. Staff has described the new area as a lovely space to work and are pleased with the expanded range of options in patient care offered in the renovated facility.
These renovations were made possible with the generous donation from John & Colleen MacDonald, of Listowel, in memory of Earl and Jo Forrest.   Thank You!
Colleen MacDonald donation, first floor bathroom Feb 2015 008.jpg
Colleen MacDonald donation, first floor bathroom Feb 2015 012.jpg
first floor bathroom, pauline 003.jpg

June 2022
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