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LMH physician, Dr. Rob Annis

Dr. Rob Annis had been involved in a conversation with owner of Dynafit Gym in Listowel in the fall of 2014 regarding a fundraiser for a piece of equipment for the Listowel Memorial Hospital.  Chris had asked Dr. Rob Annis about a fundraiser he wanted to do for the Hospital.
Chris Kurz ended up doing a fundraiser in the 2015 Listowel Paddyfest parade.  This fundraiser was in support of an Emergency Room Ultrasound machine, which, thanks to his work horse ability to move zambonis,  was purchased in the spring of 2015.   
Many other Canadian Hospitals have added this technology, and the support to finally bring it here is appreciated.  In preparation, the LMH ER physicians have all completed the first leg of Emergency Ultrasound training.
For those "Trekkies" out there, the Emergency Room Ultrasound is kind of like Dr. McCoy's "tricorder" - the physician "scans" the patient, looking for life threatening but treatable conditions, like an aneurysm , or an ectopic pregnancy - things that shouldn't wait for an ultrasound booked at a later date.  Thanks to all the volunteers who let us practice on them!  Make it so!
Chris Kurz, dr annis portable ultrasound machine 002.jpg

May 2022
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