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Chief of Staff Dr. Russell Latuskie

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I have been Chief of Staff at LMH for 4 years and before that “President of the Medical Staff” for more years than I care to recall and it seems to me that the old saying of the only constant being change applies to this institution with 100% accuracy.
Our positive forward-looking approach has made possible many changes such as the new Wing of the Hospital, the new Fisher Family Primary Care Centre, integration of Electronic Medical Records between Clinic and Hospital, an innovative Breast Health Centre and most recently introduction of HUGO with automation of medication administration.
With these changes come significant challenges but I believe with the best efforts of our dedicated Physicians, Nursing Staff, Administration and other Professionals and Support Staff we can continue to move forward and stay ahead of the funding and technological changes in our World.
We are excited to welcome a new Physician starting work in May and continue our recruiting efforts as we remain under serviced and it remains our mission to provide exemplary care to our entire Community.

May 2022
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